Youth Participation in Political Party Reform – Debate Caravan

Political party reform in the Philippines is critical in reforming the Philippine political system. However, this issue has been sidelined by many civil society actors and there remains a weak constituency to push such reform forward. Young people shun away from politics and governance, as they see it a dirty and irrelevant to their development, thus missing out in infusing politics with new ideas and new blood, and making politics and governance work for their welfare. There is a need for creative activities to raise awareness and interest on political party building among the youth to foster that critical mass who can advocate for party reform in the country.

In this light, CYAN implemented a debate caravan among the youth, specifically among the youth involved in political parties as well as in school politics, to deepen their understanding of political party and the needed political and electoral reforms in the country.

Project Objectives:

To train the youth on party-building processes, financing, membership management, and ideological discussions, among others.

To encourage dialogues among students especially those involved in campus politics on party platforms and ideologies

To raise awareness on the importance of political parties in schools

To help build support among the youth for political party reform

Project Partners:

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, Akbayan Youth


Debate Caravan (Debate Competition/Forum on Political Party Reform/Forum on Democracy and Citizenship) in 4 Universities all over the country; Participation in Congress and Senate discussions on political party reform bills.