Other Projects

SK Candidates Training

A program designed to train progressive young leaders that will advance youth agenda through the reformed SK in their respective localities.

Capacity Building Program for CYAN partners and FTV convenors

Intensive training on three major skills: Organizational Development and Management, Organizing, and Advocacy Work with experts on the field to raise the level of work and professionalism in carrying out the programs of the organization

Online Political Communication and Advocacy Training Seminar

A training program designed to maximize online communication and networking tools for the first time voters advocacy.

YouthSpeak 2010: Rethink. Re-asses. Reclaim.

Series of consultations in six key strategic areas nationwide (Naga, NCR, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, and Zamboanga City) to craft the 2010 Youth Agenda.

Workshop Series on Political Communication Skills

Participants from youth organizations sat with members of media, the academe and government officials to    acquire skills on political writing, lobbying and advocacy. Lectures, dialogues, case studies, exercises comprised the workshop series. READ MORE

SK Conference

SK officials from key areas nationwide convened to tackle the SK Reform Bill and Barangay Youth Development Planning (BYDP). The advocates launched TASK (Towards Alternative Sangguniang Kabataan) thereafter, the youth movement for SK Reform.

First Political Party Caucus

Recognizing that the potential and strategic value of student councils as venue for students agenda and welfare is not harnessed and maximized, CYAN together with Student Council Alliance of the Philippines launched its first student political party caucus in December of 2007 to address the need for more grounded, accountable and program-based student political parties.

Political Party Caucus 2

A sequel to the first political parties caucus, the political parties partners of CYAN evaluated its recent electoral engagement, and the changes made within its own structures after the caucus in December of 2007.

Filipino Progressive Youth Forums on Education, and Decent Work

CYAN took FPYF not only as an education program but a means to craft youth advocacy on particular issues. The Education forum was geared towards the deepening of analyses and proposals on Public Education in relation to the accessibility issue of the education sector. The Decent Work forum dealt with young people’s response to the growing unemployment, brain drain, and forced migration within its ranks.

Youth Leaders Assembly for Social Accountability: Island wide assemblies and a National gathering of youth and student council leaders in time for the national poll, to assess competing candidates using the social accountability approach.

Political and Organizational Management Courses for Young Progressives

CYAN provided a trainings for its different partner youth organizations to help develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening, Policy Advocacy Campaign and Networking and lastly, Finance Management and Resource Generation

Facilitating Candidates Debates and Participatory Dialogues at the Barangay Level

A Series of Baranggay Level debates of local candidates on issues affecting their respective areas.

First Time Voters Project Youth Agenda Building

With support from NDI, the First Time Youth Voters Network and the Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking conducted island-wide workshops in Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao in March to discuss the youth’s agenda for the elections. Participants came from six sub-sectors: youth wing of political parties, university/college student councils, student organizations, community-based and out-of-school youth, Sangguniang Kabataan leaders, and Church-based youth organizations. Participants in each sub-group collectively determined the top concerns or agenda of their sub-sector. Afterwards, each sub-group chose a point person, who would sit with the point persons of other sub-groups. This body of point-persons determined the island’s youth and first-time-voters agenda. The 18 point-persons (6 each from Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao) later came together to present and further discuss their respective island-wide agenda. From the national-level discussions, they picked the three (3) issues/questions that they would want senatorial candidates to address in the 2007 elections. These are:

  • Access to Quality Education
  • Sangguniang Kabataan Reform
  • Job Opportunities for the Youth (source: NEWSBREAK)