Education Reform Platform Development

Various reforms have been initiated by the current government, particularly the K-12 system, revised academic calendar, and integration with ASEAN community. The goals of these reforms are noteworthy but lack consultation with the key stakeholders – the youth and the students.

With reforms on going in the education sector under, CYAN with its partner the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, has embarked on developing an education reform platform. This entailed an initial research to provide an updated national education situationer, 3 round table discussions (RTDs) with different stakeholders, including student leaders; and a public presentation through an national education forum.

Project Objectives:

Develop a consolidated national educaiton agenda in consultation with youth and students all over the county

build CYAN and partner organizations capacities on engaging policy discussions on education

refine student organizations education policy proposals

build a cross sectoral network for education lobby

Project Partners:

Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, Akbayan Youth, National Anti-Poverty Commission – Youth and Student Sector, Bukluran – University of the Philippines System.


Draft education reform platform; consultation and roundtable discussions with stakeholders, including youth leaders; public presentation.