Projects and Activities

CYAN provides support and technical assistance to youth organizations and networks in pushing for their agenda. It implements projects with youth organizations and networks, with support from different development partners.

For Democracy and Human Rights: Rekindling the Lessons of Martial Law and the People Power Revolution

Thirty years since the EDSA People Power Revolution that ended the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, the threat of Martial rule and the return of the Marcoses to Malacanan is becoming more pronounced.

Launched in 2012, the Exhibit was produced in commemoration of the 40th year since the declaration of Martial Law in September 1972. It was also produced in response to a House of Representatives resolution which was passed in 2011, supporting the burial of the former dictator in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery). During the same year, a national survey conducted by the SWS also indicated that 50% of the respondents — majority of whom are young people — believe that the late dictator should be given a hero’s burial.

Education Reform Platform Development

Various reforms have been initiated by the current government, particularly the K-12 system, revised academic calendar, and integration with ASEAN community. The goals of these reforms are noteworthy but lack consultation with the key stakeholders – the youth and the students.

With reforms on going in the education sector under, CYAN with its partner the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, has embarked on developing an education reform platform. This entailed an initial research to provide an updated national education situationer, 3 round table discussions (RTDs) with different stakeholders, including student leaders; and a public presentation through an national education forum. READ MORE

Youth Participation in Political Party Reform – Debate Caravan

Political party reform in the Philippines is critical in reforming the Philippine political system. However, this issue has been sidelined by many civil society actors and there remains a weak constituency to push such reform forward. Young people shun away from politics and governance, as they see it a dirty and irrelevant to their development, thus missing out in infusing politics with new ideas and new blood, and making politics and governance work for their welfare. There is a need for creative activities to raise awareness and interest on political party building among the youth to foster that critical mass who can advocate for party reform in the country.

In this light, CYAN implemented a debate caravan among the youth, specifically among the youth involved in political parties as well as in school politics, to deepen their understanding of political party and the needed political and electoral reforms in the country. READ MORE

Bangsamoro Peace Festival

The cost of a half a century on-and-off war in Mindanao is beyond measure. It has resulted to thousands of lives lost, displacement of hundred of thousand people, and extreme poverty in the region. In 2014, 10 out of 16 top poorest provinces in the country are in Mindanao, with 67.3% poverty incidence in Lanao Province (national poverty incidence average at 25%). In 2008, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) reported that a total of 600,000 persons in MIndanao were internally displaced due to war.

The Bangsamoro Peace Process is a breakthrough in the 17 years peace negotiations between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). A Bangsamoro Basic Law, based on a signed Framework Agreement, is pending in Congress. While the piece of legislation is a priority measure of the Aquino Administration, support from different stakeholders is necessary for the passage of the law. READ MORE

Young Pinoys Entrepreneurship Camp

This seminar-workshop focused on harnessing social entrepreneurship as a means for youth organization’s sustainability while promoting their various advocacies and helping in community development. It recognizes that the youth are rich in innovative, entrepreneurial and socially relevant ideas that can be implemented to mobilize resources for their organizations and partner communities.

The project aims to address organizational sustainability that can be fostered in different ways – including strengthening organization’s governance, increasing efficiency of financial management, resource mobilization, and social entrepreneurship. READ MORE


Human Trafficking has been a big problem in the course of human existence. There is a long history of human exploitation in every culture and also has evolved in terms of its mechanism especially in the third world. These mechanisms of new age slavery are always not identified easily for the nature of human trafficking itself is very silent and secretive. Poverty has become the main reason for such activity; desperation of men and women and sometimes children, to provide for their needs pushes them to enter such situation. The areas stricken by the Typhoon Haiyan has contributed to the increase in the probability of these areas to manifest Human Trafficking.

#Malaya is an information campaign against human trafficking which focus on the cases and challenges that young people face. The national campaign is implemented by CYAN’s student organization partner – the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) in partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Philippines. SCAP the largest alliance of student councils and student organizations in the country. READ MORE

The First Time Voters Project

The first time voters’ project is a networking and education program which aims to raise the meaningful participation of the youth in the Philippine political processes by examining socio-political economic issues and by encouraging their critical involvement in elections.

Other Projects

  • SK Candidates Training: A program designed to train progressive young leaders that will advance youth agenda through the reformed SK in their respective localities.
  • Capacity Building Program for CYAN partners and FTV convenors: Intensive training on three major skills: Organizational Development and Management, Organizing, and Advocacy Work with experts on the field to raise the level of work and professionalism in carrying out the programs of the organization
  • Online Political Communication and Advocacy Training Seminar: A training program designed to maximize online communication and networking tools for the first time voters advocacy.
  • YouthSpeak 2010: Rethink. Re-asses. Reclaim.: Series of consultations in six key strategic areas nationwide (Naga, NCR, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, and Zamboanga City) to craft the 2010 Youth Agenda.
  • Workshop Series on Political Communication Skills: Participants from youth organizations sat with members of media, the academe and government officials to    acquire skills on political writing, lobbying and advocacy. Lectures, dialogues, case studies, exercises comprised the workshop series. READ MORE