Programs and Approaches

Social Policy Advocacy Development and Engagement

Geared towards achieving the youth reform agenda, participatory developmental processes for the sector. It also involves studies on the issues and concerns affecting the youth, policy analysis and campaigns that are of national significance as well as engagement with civil/political societies and the governmental processes. In general, it aims to support network organizations work while integrating gender perspective, influence policy makers and exact government accountabilities in fulfilling their responsibility to the sector.   The Center’s advocacy is focused on education reform, full employment, youth participation in governance, electoral and political reforms, building a peace constituency and gender equality.


Training, Consultancy, Institutional Capacities and Support Services

Seeks to strengthen knowledge and skills of youth organizations towards self-reliance, empowering their members and set up a support system for their institutionalisation concerns. This also addresses the needs of networks/youth organizations for continuing political education needs.

Basic Sector Linkages and Solidarity

Ensures youth integration with the marginalized sector of the society and with the international struggles through various forms. It establishes linkages with the worker’s group Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL), peasant group Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Samahan sa Kanayunan (National Union of Rural-Based Organization) and the national political party AKBAYAN! (Citizens’ Action Party) as well as international organizations such as the Young Progressives of Southeast Asia (YPSEA), Global Youth Leadership Alliance (GYLA), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) and Social Democratic Student of Sweden (SSU). Since its establishment, it received and hosted a number of study visits and youth exchange exposure programs.