Our Work

The Philippines has a young population with about a third of its 100 million people under 15-30 years old. In 2015 up to 2050, the Philippines enters into a ‘demographic window’ of opportunity, where a higher number of Filipinos reach the productive ages, as compared to lower dependency burden, opening great economic possibilities. This can be realized when young people are healthy and well equipped with knowledge and practical experience to take part in the socio-economic activity of the country. On the contrary, young people in the county are beset with issues on access to quality education, unemployment and precarious jobs, risky heath behavior and access to basic health services, and token participation in decision-making processes. There needs to be a strategic intervention for young people to achieve their potentials, in a nurturing and supportive environment, to contribute to the society.

Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-stock corporation on the 19th of May, with Company Registration No. CN200607761, CYAN’s main purpose is to build itself as a strategic institution that will provide venues for the youth to articulate and develop an orientation towards interventions in different arenas of engagements.

In the previous years, CYAN has catered to various youth organizations and movements as a support organization and a platform for dialog and policy research. CYAN promoted the development of networks and coalitions in pushing for a unified youth agenda. CYAN provided technical assistance to the SK Reform Coalition, the First Time Voters Network, The RH Agenda, the Students Rights and Welfare Coalition, among others.  It has established a good working relationship with other organizations and relevant government agencies like the National Youth Commission and the National Anti-Poverty Commission – Youth and Students Council.  CYAN, in the coming years, will implement projects towards its core thrust of policy advocacy, sectoral organizing and networking, and support services to youth partners.

CYAN envisions a society where young people are active partners in social development and progress. With young people, CYAN develops strategic interventions, campaigns and agenda addressing perennial  youth concerns on access to quality education, decent work, health services and participation.  CYAN is a venue for youth dialog, debate, partnership and collaboration. It seeks to be the nurturing home of youth aspirations and the frontline of youth struggle.